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Veterans Planning

Are you taking advantage of your benefits?

No matter how long you’ve served in the military, you may be entitled to a number of important long-term care benefits. Planning ahead helps you make the most of what’s available to you and your family so you can live the life you’ve earned.

Long-term care benefits for veterans

With Hook Law attorneys by your side, you can ensure that you are taking full advantage of the programs that have been available to you for your service. Our experts have years of experience navigating the various programs offered through the Department of Veterans Affairs that can help you, and often your spouse, get the long-term care you need.

At ease.

You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing how you will afford the necessary medical care as you and your spouse get older. As a veteran, you may be entitled to certain long-term care benefits, particularly if you served for a certain length of time or during wartime. At Hook Law, our attorneys help you determine your eligibility for programs created for every veteran, as well as those created specifically for veterans who suffer from a service-related disability. Our experts understand the ins and outs of the Veterans Health Administration and the Veterans Benefits Administration, so you can make the most of what’s yours.

Support when – and where – you need it

As a veteran, you may receive long-term care in your home, in the community or in a facility. Long-term care services also include both medical and non-medical care that you or your spouse may need to treat a chronic illness or disability.

Hook Law Center will help you determine if you’re eligible for many of the programs offered by the VA including:

  • The Aid and Attendance Pension: Provides cash to eligible veterans with disabilities and their surviving spouses to pay for long-term care services. This program helps veterans who don’t have enough income to meet their medical expenses. To see if you qualify, the government will evaluate your income, medical expenses and service record.
  • A Veteran Directed Home and Community Based Services Program: Provides veterans with a flexible budget to purchase services.


Let’s get started today!

Hook Law attorneys and staff specialize in reviewing individual income and assets, clarifying eligibility requirements and providing advice and strategies to help veterans qualify for long-term care benefits. Sure it’s complicated. That’s where we come in. At your service. Contact Hook Law Center today!


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