Your Guide to Choosing A Nursing Home

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The “Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home” is designed to help you make informed decisions about nursing home care, whether you’re planning ahead or need to make an unexpected decision. It’s helpful to plan ahead, consider all your long-term care options, and make good financial plans early.

Before you get started

You may have other long-term care options, like community services, home care, or assisted living, depending on your needs and resources. It’s also possible you may be eligible for home and community-based services covered by Medicaid. Before choosing a nursing home, you can check to see if one of these other options is available to you or if they might help after a nursing home stay. Not all nursing homes are certified to participate in Medicare or Medicaid.

If you’re helping another person

Helping another person choose a nursing home or make other long-term care choices can be difficult. Your support is important and can help your loved one adjust to getting new services or living in a new place like a nursing home. Be sure to include the person you’re helping in decisions whenever possible. Always make decisions with his or her needs and preferences in mind.

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