A Guide to the Administration of Decedent's Estates

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This manual is intended to assist persons who are involved in the administration of a decedents’ estate in Virginia. It is particularly directed to those persons who desire to know in a general way what is involved before agreeing to serve as a personal representative of a decedents’ estate and to those persons for whom the time has come to assume the responsibilities of administering an estate who need additional information. The following chapters discuss the various steps involved in probating a will, paying debts and claims, filing tax returns, and carrying out other duties and responsibilities of a personal representative of a decedents’ estate.

Certain exceptions to the general rules and procedures described in this manual have been omitted, as well as some general rules which may apply only in certain circumstances. Accordingly, the material will not necessarily be applicable or complete with respect to any particular estate, and it is not intended to be a substitute for specific legal or tax advice applicable to a particular circumstance. It is designed to assist the layperson in carrying out some of the routine requirements of estate administration without the necessity of consulting an attorney every step of the way and to point the way in those areas where expert advice should be solicited. We hope it will give you an idea of duties you may carry out on your own and help you to be an informed client for those duties that you delegate to attorneys or other professionals.

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