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How do I know my child is getting the best educational opportunities?
At Hook Law Center, we believe in vigorously representing the best interests of students with special needs. Our attorneys are passionate about championing students’ educational goals through advocacy, litigation and negotiation.

Attorneys at Hook Law Center have experience navigating the special education maze. Special Education advocacy encompasses many issues, including:

  • Evaluations. Your child will need to be tested and examined to determine his or her level of educational need. You may need legal representation to motivate administrators to evaluate and implement a program which supports your child.
  • Individualized Education Plans. Better known as an IEP, the Individualized Education Plan will be put into place based on your child’s level of need.
  • Due Process. If your child has been denied eligibility for special education or if you suspect that your child’s IEP is insufficient or not being implemented properly, you have a right to file a due process request. A Hook Law Center attorney will advocate for your concerns.
  • Mediation. The best outcome for your child is a team of educational experts and passionate advocates working together. Mediation is a tool to resolve disputes in a less formal manner than a formal due process hearing.

Students of all abilities are entitled to free and appropriate educational environments under federal and state laws. If your child is not being provided with the special education services your child needs, or if your child is being denied access to special education services, Hook Law Center will advocate for your child.

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