It’s sad, but it does happen: there are times when a will may have been made due to the influence of someone or through unlawful means. An individual who is ill or confused or particularly vulnerable can be manipulated, cajoled or otherwise influenced to make an estate plan not in their best interest or in a manner which they would not otherwise do.
A great deal of the time, probate and trust administration is resolved without any issues. But there are times when family members dispute a will or trust, questioning the validity or intent. At Hook Law Center, we have handled countless cases of undue influence and lack of capacity, and have successfully contested wills and trusts on the grounds of undue influence. We also have successfully defended estate plans from undue accusations.

What are some reasons to contest a will or dispute a trust?

People contest a will for a number of reasons. They may disagree with how the will was written, because they feel they should have received more of an inheritance. They may have, surprisingly, been left out of a will. They may have suspicion of one of more of the following:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Elder abuse
  • Forceful changes to the will under duress
  • Forged documents or signatures
  • Undue influence

An inheritance dispute can be both emotionally and legally complicated. If you suspect a trustee is acting improperly, with your trust assets, we have the expertise to take action on your behalf. The experienced estate and probate attorneys at Hook Law Center work to resolve will contests and trust disputes as quickly and effectively as possible to protect your rights.

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