When you purchase disability insurance, it is with the expectation that you will receive the benefits when you need them the most. You have rights as a policyholder, and you should obtain the full amount of benefits to which you are entitled. But the truth is, many people experience an unreasonable denial of their claim by their disability insurance company, or an extensive delay of the payment of those benefits.

That’s when you need someone advocating for you who will enforce your rights to your benefits. At Hook Law Center, our disability insurance attorneys review the terms of your policy and your claim, countering any denials, delays and payout obstacles with practical, well-honed strategies from our years of diligent experience.

If your insurer has breached its duty of good faith and fair dealing by one or more of the above actions, it can be found liable for acting in “bad faith.” Your insurance company will have the best possible attorneys, if litigation arises, in order to protect their actions. You need to have someone who knows what you deserve and will protect your interests.

While some insurance companies are working on bad faith, others simply are zealous in their drive to protect their own bottom line and desire to increase their profits, regardless of the cost to you. Some insurance companies may improperly deny the payment of a disability insurance claim. They may review your policy for past medical issues on which to base their denial of your claim, or hire an independent examiner to do so. They may even have you watched or have you videotaped to try to prove that you do not have a disability to the extent that you claim. You may expect to receive payment under your policy, only to find that the insurance company delays acknowledging and/or adjusting your claim. There may be a failure by the insurance company to perform an adequate, objective and unbiased investigation of your claim. Your claim may not be paid to you in a timely fashion. Or, the insurance company may make an unreasonable interpretation of the terms of your policy, the conditions of the policy, or the exclusions of the policy.

If you believe that your insurance company is not considering your disability benefits claim in good faith or that they are not treating you fairly, contact the experienced attorneys at Hook Law Center.

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