Financial Services

Retirement and Financial Planning

Financial Services

As elder law attorneys we are frequently asked to assist our clients with estate, long-term care and investment planning. Unfortunately, we often find that our clients have been misled or have not been fully advised about investment products leading to significant mistakes in their investment planning. These mistakes jeopardize our clients’ future income, their ability to provide for their own support and to leave inheritances to their children.

Assistance in establishing sound investment policies

To assist our clients in establishing sound investment policies, we formed Hook Financial Services, L.L.C., a registered investment advisor, and member of the Financial Planners Association. Through our Certified Financial Planner, Hook Financial Services provides investment advice, but it does not manage money, referring our clients to experienced and competent money managers. Our job is to help our client develop goals and objectives in a written investment policy statement, select the most appropriate money managers to invest their funds according to the policy, monitor the performance of those managers, and periodically review and update the investment objectives and policies.

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