If you become too ill to make decisions about your medical care, will your health care providers and your family know what your wishes are? They will, if you work with Hook Law Center to put an Advance Medical Directive in place.

Make your healthcare wishes clear.

An Advance Medical Directive, sometimes called an Advance Health Care Directive, is documentation which allows you to indicate your preferences regarding medical treatment if you are unable to articulate those preferences yourself. In an Advance Medical Directive, you can make your wishes clear regarding specific surgical procedures or treatments that you want to have provided, or withheld, as part of your care, such as artificially administered fluids or nutrition, organ or tissue donation, and resuscitation efforts.

An Advance Medical Directive also can be used to appoint an individual to act as your agent for health care decisions that must be made for you, if you are unable to make those health care decisions for yourself.
The quality of your medical care will not be influenced by your having an Advance Medical Directive in place. If your health provider is unable, as a matter of conscience, to comply with your directives, all reasonable steps must be taken to transfer your care to another provider.
An Advance Medical Directive is a deeply personal document. At Hook Law Center, we will work with you to ensure your personal values about dying, independence, and quality of life are clearly defined.

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