A trust is a legal document under which assets are held and administered for the benefit of a beneficiary. A trust document spells out the terms and conditions of distribution and the terms by which the trust is to be administered. There are numerous types of trusts, depending on what estate needs you wish to address. A trust is practical in circumstances where a benefactor wants to protect and convey assets or certain properties to another person, but wants or needs for there to be an allocation of the assets by a third party.

If needed, Hook Law Center can be also named by the maker of a trust to act as trust fiduciary, if consistent with the purpose of the trust.

If you are interested in establishing a trust for a beneficiary, the experienced trust administration attorneys at Hook Law Center can help you determine which type of trust is best for your circumstances, provide advice regarding proper funding of the trust, and will support the designated trustee(s) in managing the trust properties for the life of the trust.

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