Probate is the process of settling an individual’s estate in court after they die. Probate becomes necessary if the individual died without establishing an estate planning provision, such as a will. A special probate court will handle the aspects of administering the estate; will inventory their property, outstanding debts will be paid, and what is left over will be divided among any heirs. Probate concludes when all taxes and debts are paid and all assets have been distributed.

Probate courts also oversee cases to determine the validity of a will, if that validity has been questioned. When a will has not been written by an attorney, it may become open to legal challenge, and may even be rendered invalid.

If someone has left you money, property or other assets, or has named you as executor of his/her will, contact the attorneys at Hook Law Center to usher you through the probate process.

If you have concerns about probate, or are involved in a lawsuit over an estate, or if you may become involved in one, contact the probate litigators at Hook Law Center.

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