Estate administration is the process of managing the financial affairs of someone who has died. If you are the executor of someone’s will, the responsibility you have to properly distribute assets and manage the estate issues may seem daunting. The attorneys at Hook Law Center understand the responsibilities that are part of estate administration laws in Virginia. We can help you:

  • Inventory the assets of the estate
  • Distribute remaining assets to the beneficiaries
  • Pay debts and taxes

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, a will is usually probated in the decedent’s local circuit court. In order to administer the estate, you must be qualified to act on behalf of the estate. A Commissioner of Accounts will be assigned to oversee the personal representative who has qualified to administer the estate, and may audit the inventory and accountings to ensure that the estate is being administered in accordance with the will, or, if there is no will, in accordance with the laws of descent and distribution.

What duties that must be fulfilled as the personal representative in charge of estate administration?

There are certain responsibilities and duties that must be fulfilled as the personal representative in charge of estate administration. You will need to determine which assets are probate and non-probate, you may need to re-title assets, open an estate checking account, and obtain a taxpayer identification number just for the estate. You will also need to file federal and state income tax returns on behalf of the decedent.

Hook Law Center offers estate administration assistance for the trustees, beneficiaries, creditors, and personal representatives of an estate. Our attorneys are experienced in the complexities of estate taxes, probate law and the other issues that may arise as part of estate administration.
The attorneys at Hook Law Center also have extensive experience assisting individuals who have concerns about estate trustees. If you have concerns about how an estate is being administered, we know what options are available to you and can help you take the steps to bring legal action, where appropriate.

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