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Our attorneys will work with you to simplify the complex process of planning your estate, whether you need a will or a trust to ensure that your wishes are followed after your death, and your family’s financial future is protected. We pay particular attention to structuring your estate in a way that minimizes your tax burden and helps to simply and minimize family disagreements after your death.

In addition, we can assist you with matters such as powers of attorney, planning for incapacity, guardianships, and advance directives for health care.

Probate, Estate Settlement, and Trust Administration

Estate and Trust Administration

If you are called on to serve as a guardian, agent, executor or trustee (“fiduciary“), Hook Law Center can assist you in navigating your legal duties and responsibilities.

Trustee & Fiduciary

Hook Law Center serves our client families with independent, unbiased experience and legal insight to help them navigate the often confusing waters of trust and estate administration.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Hook Law Center can help ensure that a lifetime of hard work will benefit you during your lifetime and your loved ones after your death.

Special Needs Planning

If you are injured or disabled, or if you are the parents of a child with special needs, you do not want an inheritance, an award, or a settlement to threaten your entitlement to public benefits.

Business and Succession Planning

Our Business Succession Planning attorneys are experts in establishing the plan that will ensure the continuation of your hard work. Your business can not only survive, but also thrive, with the proper planning.

Long-Term Care Planning, including Medicaid and Veterans Benefits

Elder Law

The elder law attorneys at Hook Law Center can assist you with the planning necessary to help you protect your assets while ensuring that you have the resources necessary for the care you need.

Long-Term Care Planning

Hook Law Center can help protect your assets if you need to pay for long-term care in your home or an assisted living facility, or other costs associated with long-term care, while providing security for your spouse and a legacy for children.

Life Care Planning

Life Care Planning is a relationship between Hook Law Center and your family that offers the support, guidance and direction you need to face the long-term care journey with confidence.

Personal Care Management

When daily living becomes unsafe for elders, the chronically ill or the physically disabled, Hook Law Center’s care manager is ready to support these individuals in the least restrictive setting of their choice.

Emergency Planning Services

No matter how well you plan, accidents or unexpected life events can happen to any one of us. At any time. We know that unexpected issues can bring your life to a standstill, and we will help get it back on track.

Veterans Benefits

Hook Law Center has experienced attorneys and staff who can review individual income and assets, clarify eligibility requirements and provide advice and strategies in order to qualify for valuable benefits.

Guardianships & Conservatorships


Hook Law Center can assist you in appointing a guardian as part of your estate plan, should you need care in the future, and can help you pursue guardianship for a loved one.


Hook Law Center can assist you in becoming the conservator of a loved one in order for you to help you ensure their care and security, allowing you to make decisions on that person’s behalf, and protect his/ her property and best interests.

Retirement and Financial Planning

Financial Services

We help our clients develop goals and objectives, select the most appropriate money managers to invest their funds, monitor the performance of those managers, and periodically review and update the investment objectives and policies.

Money Management

Our goal is to craft a personalized money management program tailored to your exact needs. We will carefully maintain all of your files and records, while handling your day-to-day financial tasks professionally and confidentially.

Tax Services

Our legal experts work at the forefront of tax law to protect your assets and help you make the most of your financial opportunities. We keep you up to date with tax law changes to protect your wealth and the ones you love well into the future.

Dispute Resolution


Hook Law Center represents financial institutions, beneficiaries and fiduciaries, such as executors, trustees, conservators, and guardians in a wide variety of areas of litigation.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury Settlement Consulting

Hook Law Center is an elder law firm that works with personal injury attorneys on lawsuits involving individuals who have suffered significant injuries.

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