Oast & Hook is Hook Law Center

The firm changed ownership in 2012 when Andy Hook purchased Bill Oast’s interest in Oast & Hook.  Mr. Hook changed the name of the firm and continues to serve as the managing partner at Hook Law Center.  Mr. Oast left to practice law at a different firm.

Hook Law Center continues to store all electronic files and are available to assist you as needed.  You may continue to reach us at 757-399-7506.

While Hook Law Center has grown, you’ll find many of the same familiar faces at the firm.

We are proud to recognize our team members from Oast & Hook.



  • Sandra Buhr, CLM
  • Janice Matthews
  • Bobby Buhr
  • Patty Lyons
  • Marjie Davidson
  • Trisha Simmons
  • Stephanie Washington
  • Mary Ellen McCoy
  • Jennifer Pagano Clarke