Planning Ahead for Long-Term Care Medicaid to Maximize Your Assets

by Jessica A. Hayes, Esq.
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Under current law, in order to qualify financially for long-term care Medicaid benefits, a single individual’s countable assets must not exceed $2,000; a married individual applying for Medicaid must also have $2,000 or less in countable assets, and his or her spouse, who does not require Medicaid, may keep up to $117,240 in countable assets.  A common misconception about Medicaid is that this means you must spend almost all of your money on your care before applying for long-term care Medicaid.
What many individuals fail to realize is that with proper planning, it is not necessary that you wait until you are completely impoverished before thinking about Medicaid.  Current Medicaid rules and regulations permit you to pay off your debts, improve or modify your home, and purchase an irrevocable pre-paid burial contract and some types of savings bonds prior to applying, without jeopardizing your eligibility.  For example, a married couple with $200,000 in liquid assets (not including the home) need not wait until they have just $119,240  remaining before considering long-term care Medicaid for one of the spouses.  With careful planning, they may be able to convert much of their excess funds into non-countable assets and qualify for Medicaid much sooner.  They may, as a result, have their funerals completely paid for and savings bonds in each of their names, which they may later redeem if they have a need for those funds.  A couple with even greater liquid assets may protect a significant amount more if they begin Medicaid planning much earlier; a transfer of excess assets to an irrevocable income-only trust, for example, may assist one or both of the spouses in qualifying for Medicaid once the 5-year lookback period has expired.
There are, of course, pitfalls that should be avoided with this type of planning, and it is easy to get confused about the rules.  In addition, although there is plenty of good information available for individuals seeking to apply for Medicaid, there is also some misinformation.  Be wary of plans that involve naming a child as a joint owner of a piece of real property or a bank account, for example.  Although many individuals believe that naming a joint owner will protect an asset from Medicaid, under the current rules and regulations, depending on the titling of the asset, the individual applying for Medicaid may be considered to own 100% of that asset, or may be considered to have gifted one half of the value of that asset.
Because the long-term care Medicaid rules and regulations are strict, it is extremely important that your planning be completed with the assistance of an experienced elder law attorney.  No two individuals or couples are the same, so it is also important to seek advice that is tailored to your situation.  For professional assistance in planning for long-term care Medicaid, contact the Hook Law Center today.
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