"When It Comes to an Inheritance, How Much is Too Much?" and Other Estate Planning Tips from Warren Buffett

by Jessica A. Hayes, Esq.

June 21, 2013

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At this year’s Berkshire Hathaway annual general meeting, a tax and estate attorney named Marvin Blum asked Warren Buffett a question that pertains to the concerns of a number of Hook Law Center’s clients.
Mr. Blum asked: “I can design plans that eliminate estate tax and pass down great amounts of wealth to the next generation.  But many of my clients come to me and say they want a plan like Warren Buffett’s, leaving their kids enough so they can do anything, but not so much that they can do nothing.  Now they ask me – and I am asking you – how much is that?  And how do you keep from ruining your kids?”
This is a question many of our clients have posed to us when designing their estate plans.  When an older individual or couple has worked hard for decades to amass their wealth, they often want to make sure their children and grandchildren receive a nice inheritance, but that the inheritance does not take away their motivation to succeed on their own.
Mr. Buffett responded, “I think that more of our kids are ruined by the behavior of their parents than by the amount of the inheritance.”  The crowd applauded and cheered.
Mr. Buffett’s response is thought-provoking, and lends itself to the presumption that the ultimate predictor of children’s success is how they were raised and with what values, not the amount they stand to inherit from their parents.  A $1 million inheritance in the hands of a child whose parents have not taught him the value of hard work and diligence will likely disappear more quickly than a $1 million inheritance in the hands of a child whose parents carefully instilled in him the desire to achieve personal success.  As you can see, the dollar amount which answers the question “how much is too much?” will vary greatly by family and individual, and will be determined by the child’s personal values and motivation.  The individuals who are best equipped, then, to determine how much constitutes “too much” will be the child’s family and the individuals who know him best.

At the meeting, Mr. Buffett also remarked that he believes parents should communicate with their children as they create their estate plans, to permit the children to ask questions while their parents are still able to answer.  He stated, “Your children are going to read the will some day . . . It’s crazy for them to read it after you’re dead for the first time.  You’re not in a position to answer questions – unless the Ouija board really works.”  Although  a bit humorous, there is truth to Mr. Buffett’s words.  Time and time again, we at Hook Law Center meet with children after their parents are deceased, and the children express surprise at the contents of their parents’ wills and/or trusts.  The children often have questions about why the parents’ estate plans were designed a certain way, and the answers are not always obvious.  To eliminate any surprises and potential conflict among family members after a parent’s death, we strongly recommend that our clients discuss their wishes with their children while they are able to do so. The Hook Law Center regularly hosts family meetings where the client and his family review and discuss the client’s estate plan.

Mr. Buffett mentioned that he rewrites his will (and, presumably, trust[s]) every five or six years, as well.  Although this may not be necessary for everyone, Hook Law Center strongly recommends that clients at least review their estate plans with an attorney periodically to ensure that they continue to reflect their wishes.  As a rule of thumb, it is a good idea to review one’s estate plan every time that individual or a loved one undergoes a major life change (birth, death, marriage, divorce, sickness, disability, etc.).   Hook Law Center mails out periodic letters to remind clients to review their estate plans and determine whether updates are necessary.
Note:   News cameras were not permitted and there is no official transcript of Mr. Buffett’s remarks at the 2013 Berkshire Hathaway annual general meeting.  Credit to http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/investment-ideas/lessons-in-estate-planning-from-warren-buffett/article12022903/ for the quotations from Mr. Buffett.
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