Using Home Equity in Retirement

by Shannon Laymon-Pecoraro, Esq.

July 22, 2013

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In a society with fewer defined benefit plans, low bond yields, longer life expectancy, and increasing costs of care, maintaining an income stream during retirement can prove challenging. Historically, financial planners would establish a safe annual maximum withdrawal rate and look to home equity only as a “last resort.”  Reverse mortgages are now, more than ever, being looked at as a financial planning tool rather than a product of last resort.
Some financial planners recommend the establishment of a reverse mortgage account early in retirement, which should be exhausted prior to attacking traditional investment accounts so as to allow portfolio growth.  Alternatively, financial planners are looking to an algorithm which theoretically allows portfolio recovery in years following negative performance and provides portfolio growth before fully exhausting the reverse mortgage.
Hook Law Center believes in incorporating home equity into financial plans to protect retirement income and into long-term care plans to assist with the payment of long term care costs, most often costs associated with in home care, which are estimated to be $3,432 a month*. Additionally a reverse mortgage can be very helpful on the death of a spouse to replace lost income or to eliminate mortgage payments during retirement. when incomes frequently decline For couples relying on Medicaid to pay for the nursing home expense of the institutionalized spouse, a reverse mortgage may provide an additional source of liquidity for the community spouse without jeopardizing Medicaid eligibility.
With a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ on staff, the attorneys of the Hook Law Center can assist with assessing whether a reverse mortgage is right for you by explaining the pros and cons of such a tool. Contact us today.
*According to the Genworth 2013 Cost of Care Survey for Virginia

ask kitkat logoKitty Costs

Hook Law Center:  Kit Kat, is it expensive to own a cat?
Kit Kat:  Well, that answer, surprisingly, is yes. Yet that hasn’t deterred Americans from owning them. Cats are now the most popular pet, with 36.1 million households owning 74 million of them v. 43.3 million households owning 69.9 million dogs (in 2012). Cats are known to be self-sufficient, and that appeals to busy people in dual-career families these days. Dr. Kevin T. Fitzgerald of a veterinary clinic in Denver says, ” It’s a convenience thing, and we’re a society based on convenience.”
However, as we all know, convenience has its own price. $670 is the annual cost per cat to provide food, litter, and vet bills, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This figure represents $90 more than the care of a small dog. The cost of litter is what is to blame. Litter costs are typically in the range of $165 per year. So you can see what I mean–you don’t have to walk a cat on a daily schedule in all kinds of weather, but you do pay in other ways–with cash. But that’s precisely why my parents have cats instead of dogs. To them, we are a whole easier to care for. So while we look small, we cats are big on expenses. Oh, well, as the saying goes, “Nothing worthwhile comes free!”

(Source = Kelli B. Grant, “10 things cats won’t tell you,” The Wall Street Journal (Market Watch section)  May 24, 2013)

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