A Letter From Allie

August 28, 2009
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Hi. It’s me – Allie!
I started this letter last Saturday, one week after I moved into my new home, but I have been so busy that I was not able to complete it until this morning. I miss all of you.
When Sandy first brought me in the house, I ran and hid behind a paper shredder – well, it’s office equipment, and I actually felt safe there.  Sandy stayed at my new home for several hours. She had lunch with my new mom, and they constantly came to the room to check on me.  I finally came out from behind the paper shredder and snuggled behind some pillows.  When it came time for Sandy to leave, she came into the room, took me from behind the pillows, and kissed me THREE times.  She left and I returned to the “safety” of the pillows.
My mom came into the room later and just sat on the sofa; she didn’t try to remove me from my sanctuary.  She let me relax on my own and adjust.  That evening when she returned to my room and sat on the sofa again, I went over and sat on her lap.  She rubbed me for about 45 minutes; I purred a lot and rubbed her in return.  We began to bond.
I have my own room! All of my toys and things are in there, including an S-Curved scratching post my mom bought with the gift card from all of you.  I love it.  I play on it all the time.  I can jump over it and crawl under it, too.  There is a feather toy suspended from the underside.  I lie on my back to play with it.
My mom has a great group of friends.  They gave her a “Kitty Shower” in my honor.  They played “Pin the Tail on the Cat”; need I add that I don’t think that was so funny.  They ate “Kitty Litter Cake.” Actually it was German, Chocolate cake with cookies crumbled on top.  And they nibbled on Goldfish cheese crackers.  They gave my mom lots of gifts for me – I’ve got so many new toys.   Her friends have come by to meet me; so far, I have met five of them.  I even ate a treat out of one person’s hand.  All of them have said that I am a sweet and beautiful cat.  My mom’s friends are smart.
My mom spends a lot of time with me.  You know how much I love that laser toy; well mom and I play with the laser toy several times a day.  She can sit, and I can run and jump.  She rubs and pets me a lot, too.
The other day, when I lay beside my mom, I fell asleep with my paw on her arm.  I know she thinks that was special because she tells EVERYONE about it.  One day, as I was lying beside her on her bed with both our heads on the pillow, she looked in my eyes and said, “I thank God for you, Allie.”  I purred and said, “And I thank God for you, too, Mom”.
Special purrs to everyone,
– Allie


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