New Year, New Name

Jan 4, 2008
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Welcome to the Oast & Hook News. We decided to change the name of our newsletter because Oast & Hook’s practice areas have expanded over the past few years to include more than what would be considered traditional “elder law.” The newsletter will continue to cover topics of interest in all of our practice areas, which include:

  • Elder Law: This practice area focuses on the special legal needs and concerns of those over 50 years of age. Oast & Hook has developed significant expertise in the area of elder law, especially in Medicaid asset protection planning. Our planning allows an elderly family member to enter a nursing home without exhausting the family’s assets.
  • Estate Planning: Oast & Hook can help clients ensure that their lifetime of hard work and careful planning will benefit them during their lives, and their loved ones after their deaths. Failing to properly plan can cause unnecessary problems, delays, taxes and expenses.
  • Special Needs Planning: Oast & Hook is experienced in protecting the public benefits of persons with disabilities and in assisting with the management of their assets. We can assist personal injury attorneys and structured settlement brokers with resolving their cases, and assisting their clients in establishing or maintaining their eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid. Oast & Hook also assists parents and grandparents of persons with disabilities with planning for these special family members.
  • Financial Services: The law firm of Oast & Hook established Oast & Hook Financial Services LLC to assist clients in the financial services area, by providing an objective independent analysis of a client’s investment and insurance portfolio. Because far too often Oast & Hook sees clients who have invested in the wrong financial products, we want to make sure that our clients are in investments that work best for them.
  • Administration of Trusts, Estates, and Conservatorships, and Bill Paying: Oast & Hook often represents, as well as serves as, executors, administrators, trustees, conservators, and agents. Our services in this area include bill paying and management of accounts, preparation of probate and court documents, preparation of fiduciary inventories and accountings, income tax preparation, tax planning, and distribution of assets.
  • Guardianships and Conservatorships: Oast & Hook can assist clients in establishing guardianships and conservatorships to assist and protect incapacitated adults and family members with disabilities. Oast & Hook also represents those who contest the possible appointment of an inappropriate guardian or conservator.
  • Fiduciary Litigation: Oast & Hook represents parties in probate litigation. Frequently, this occurs when someone is challenging the administration of an estate or trust. Our services include the filing of claims, motions, briefs, and other court documents necessary to contest the administration of a trust or an estate.

Oast & Hook looking forward to a busy and productive 2008. We welcome your input and suggestions for future articles.

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