Injured People and their Families

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Hiring a Settlement Planning Attorney is the Right Thing To Do

Suffered an injury that has changed your life and been compensated? The receipt of funds isn’t the end of the fight. It’s time to consult with our knowledgeable settlement planning attorneys.

Over and over, people learn too late that planning should have been initiated long before a settlement or verdict is reached. We work with people and their families to resolve injury claims in their favor, helping position plaintiffs for maximum recovery and payment.

It’s about you. It’s about your family. Let us help protect your future.

Maintain Your Benefits

Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid play a key role in providing life sustaining benefits, particularly for the disabled. Strict asset and income guidelines maintain eligibility for these programs. Many injured plaintiffs would lose these critical benefits without advance planning. We work to reduce or eliminate your risk of losing these important services and financial assistance upon receiving too much money.

A Trust — Why?

When a person settles a personal injury lawsuit, it’s usually the largest sum of money they will ever get at one time. To protect an injured person from misspending funds and from scheming third parties, a protective trust is often recommended.

Special Needs Trust

A Special Needs Trust can be an invaluable tool for a disabled person to “own” assets that would normally exceed the low limits required by Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid programs, helping to preserve the benefits of these important programs.

Purchasing A Home

Numerous factors must be considered when purchasing or building a home using monies received from a settlement, as approved means can vary greatly. In addition, there are significant variations in how the home can be titled, used and ultimately passed on to family members.

Tax Planning

With substantial financial settlements come tax issues. The greater the settlement value and the more complex the plaintiff’s needs, the more important it is to perform tax planning at state and federal levels. With advanced planning, we minimize tax exposure and reduce or eliminate tax surprises to the plaintiff or family.

Structured Settlement Versus Lump Sum Payment

When deciding how to receive a settlement, it is extremely important to understand the associated issues of selecting a short- or long-term payout, or a combination of payouts. There are tax considerations, asset protection planning interests and concern for current or future eligibility for consequential government benefits.

Settlements for Adults 65+

Many attorneys mistakenly believe that when a plaintiff receives a settlement over the age of 64 there are no options to protect those funds. However, there are unique and valuable planning techniques to preserve these settlements.


Almost all cases avoid trial and settle during a daylong process known as mediation, which is typically held at an attorney’s office where both sides to the lawsuit appear and attempt to resolve the case. Life changing decisions are made here and if you’re not ready for mediation, the outcome could be unfavorable for you.

Protect Your Settlement.

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