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You’ve worked hard to reach a recovery for your client. Let us help you enhance the results and the future life of your client, while guiding you to avoid mistakes and liability when reaching a settlement or verdict.

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Many decisions made before or at mediation can have long-term impacts on the injured client, their family and the liability of the plaintiff attorney. Understand the potential issues you face as a plaintiff attorney pending settlement that aren’t readily apparent when striking a deal with defense counsel.


The Medicare Secondary Payor Act required the determination of a “set aside” of some amount of funds related to paying for future care of an injured worker. However, in the past few years, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued information indicating that parties involved in a liability suit must consider Medicare’s interests. Determine how Medicare’s interests may affect your settlement before you choose a course of action. We can assist in identifying the optimal ways to fund Medicare Set-Asides, minimizing outlay of funds and limiting liability of the parties involved.

Qualified Settlement Funds

A Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) allows pending lawsuit parties to “press pause” to ensure all details are secured without sacrificing the settlement that has been negotiated. The QSF is set up by lawsuit parties in advance of paying funds or signing settlement documents. While many people believe QSFs were only meant for class action lawsuits, the IRS allows single plaintiffs to use this technique, which can greatly enhance the overall outcome for lawsuit parties as well as their legal counsel.

Class Actions

A class action lawsuit involves many similarly situated plaintiffs who have been injured by a common problem. Since these cases can involve hundreds or thousands of plaintiffs, rarely does a plaintiff have a one-on-one relationship with an attorney. We represent individual plaintiffs of class action lawsuits to help identify the best options for receiving their settlement.


Hook Law Center possesses the depth of knowledge and national reputation needed to quickly and skillfully complete the final stages of even the most complex settlement. I know I can always rely on Shannon and her team.

Phil Saunders, Founder

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I have been working with Andy and Shannon for over 10 of the 20 years, serving injury victims through their Personal Injury attorneys; they do work for me across the nation and offer outstanding service to my clients. Their work is performed at the highest level; I have found them to be top drawer professionals who expedite with expertise, precision and empathy.

Steve Lester, Settlement Planner

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