The 15 Best Websites for Seniors in 2021

I recently received a great recommendation from a reader of the Hook Law Center blog posts.  He was looking for ways to help his elderly father take advantage of the resources that are available online.  The reader directed me to an article posted on wizcase.com that outlines the author’s opinion as to the best senior-friendly websites.[i]

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Not only can you find a romantic partner on this site designed exclusively for users 50 and older, but you can connect with like-minded people you could become friends with.  Established in 2003, the free platform has have 1 million users and more than 40,000 success stories. 


Facebook is a free social media platform used daily by over 60% of 50-59-year-olds and almost 40% of those over 60 to stay up-to-date with their friends and loved ones and to share their own photos and stories.  Alongside the main Facebook account is a separate messaging app, called Messenger, that you can use to instantly connect and chat will all of your Facebook “friends.”


SeniorChatz is a chat room that instantly connects you with other seniors, allowing you to make friends in real time.  Regardless of the time of day, chat rooms always have many people online.  For those who are concerned about giving away too much personal information, SeniorChatz does not require you to create an account, just a unique username to identify yourself.

Seniors Only Club

If chat rooms aren’t your thing, you can still stay connected with others and find friends who share your interests and views through the use of message boards at Seniors Only Club.  The site is divided into separate categories, such as “Hot Topic” and “Hobbies & Craft,” which makes it easy for you to find the subject you’re interested in.


ElderTreks is a vacation company that specializes in adventure packages for anyone over 50.  Even if you’re not quite ready to take that trip of a lifetime, the site offers the Trek Talk Blog where you can read about the adventures of the ElderTrek guides and tour leaders.

Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic platform holds information on hundreds of various conditions and treatments from the world’s top experts.  You can also try the cutting-edge Symptom Checker feature where you are guided through a list of questions about your particular symptom to get a generate a list of potential reasons for your symptoms.


Sixty+me is a magazine style site filled with articles, puzzles and games.  From health and beauty tips to money management and travel ideas, the site has information on everything you may be looking for.

Suddenly Senior

This is a daily e-zine that offers articles on a variety of topics as well as jokes and funny stories about life in your golden years.


This website is another great source of information on almost any topic, from retirement planning to travel and medical advice.  It also has a whole section dedicated to finding a job when you’re over 50, including how to find a job, polish your resume, hone your interview skills and negotiate a better salary.  Not only do these articles provide a resource, but there is also a job search engine where you can find employers who are dedicated to hiring an age-diverse workforce.


Grandfolk is an online directory designed to help seniors avoid scams by providing unbiased reviews on services like financial advisors, insurance companies, home security, and more. 

Seniors Guide to Computers

Here, you will find easy to read guides on how to use your devices like your smart phones and iPads and how to connect to and stay safe on the internet.


You can search for inspiration by scrolling through the latest additions on the main page, or find a recipe to use that ingredient that is about to expire.  In addition to the millions of recipes available are the how-to guides on various cooking techniques and each recipe includes a step-by-step video.


Learning a new language is not only fun but good for your health.  A study at York University found that seniors who could speak more than one language experienced the onset of symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease an average of 4 years later than their peers.  Duolingo can be accessed through a web browser on your computer or by an app that is downloaded on your smartphone or tablet.  It provides a fully personalized experience that suits your own learning style and pace.


TED provides educational, motivational and encouraging talks in the form of short videos that are less than 20 minutes long and developed to make a topic easy to understand for any user.

The Daily

The Daily podcast, hosted by the New York Times, airs five days a week and covers the most important news stories in under 30 minutes. 

[i] https://www.wizcase.com/blog/best-websites-for-seniors/


Client: Do I need to change my will if I wish to give certain items to specific friends or family members?

Jennifer Rossettini: No. A list of the tangible personal property you wish to give can be incorporated by reference into your will. For example, if you wish to leave your silverware collection to your daughter, you do not need to specifically change your will. You can prepare a separate memorandum referenced in your will that leaves your silverware, or any other tangible personal property, to your daughter. The memorandum must be dated and signed. If you later change your mind, you can destroy or change the memorandum without signing a whole new will.


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