Help may be needed in deciding on senior housing

Elderly people who value their independence and are accustomed to living alone are increasingly becoming incapable of doing so. The need for medical attention may prompt some older individuals to consider their options, including moving to a nursing home or another kind of assisted living facility. Another possibility is to have in-home care along with various support services.

Frequently, elders and their family members make decisions about what steps to take after the occurrence of a health emergency, such as when an elderly parent falls, when there are unpaid bills, there is a lapse in housekeeping, or the elderly person’s memory has failed. However, experts admonish against waiting until such an event takes place.

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Millions of people, particularly baby boomers and their parents, are wrestling with this problem. In order to make the right decision, some elderly people and their families are seeking the advice of elder care specialists, including financial planners, who can assist them with financial decisions and offer advice regarding the issues of health and aging.

Hook Law Center provides life care planning, including the support, guidance and direction that you need to focus on long-term care. The attorneys at Hook Law Center anticipate the myriad health, safety and quality of life issues that many elders and their families will face. Our seasoned attorneys can work alongside advisors, public benefits specialists and care coordinators to establish a plan for the future.

At Hook Law Center, each life care plan is intended to accomplish three goals, including:

  • The provision of care at home or in a facility that will preserve quality of life;
  • The identification of public and private sources of financing for long-term care while focusing on issues relevant to cost; and
  • Offering peace of mind that you made the right decisions

Life care planning incorporates each aspect of care, including estate planning, qualification for public benefits, and advocacy to make certain that seniors and their families find the appropriate types of services.

The elder law attorneys at Hook Law Center assist Virginia families with will preparation, trust & estate administration, guardianships and conservatorships, long-term care planning, special needs planning, veterans benefits, and more. To learn more, visit https://hooklawcenter.com/ or call 757-399-7506.

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