Choosing Guardianship for Your Child

One of the last things a parent wants to think about is what will happen to a child if something were to happen. However, deciding who shall serve as a guardian in such a scenario may be one of the most important things you can do to preserve your peace of mind, and provide for the safety and care of your child. There are numerous issues to consider when choosing a guardian, including:

Connection. How comfortable is your child with the potential guardian? It would be prudent to ensure your child has some level of comfort and a connection to their potential guardian.

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Location. Does the location of the potential guardian ensure that your child will remain in a familiar environment, or will your child have to relocate?  What might location mean for extended family and friends?  It is important to understand your child so as to determine how he or she will adjust to the changes around him or her.

Resources. Is the potential guardian able to care for your child financially, emotionally and physically? While the potential guardian may dearly love your child, you must assess whether the guardian would be able to physically and financially provide for your child.

Planning for the future of your family, and planning for various care contingencies, is part of being a parent. Working with a qualified estate planning attorney, you can structure a guardianship that works best for your family and evaluate your current estate plan, which can include, but is not limited to, life insurance policies, designation of beneficiaries, trusts, and of course, your Last Will and Testament. This will empower you with control to make decisions that will ensure your child is taken care of in the way you would deem proper in the event something happens to you.

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