Veterans Benefits


Veterans Benefits

Hook Law Center has experienced attorneys and staff who can review individual income and assets, clarify eligibility requirements and provide advice and strategies in order to qualify for these valuable benefits.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a wide range of benefits including programs for veterans and surviving spouses providing compensation, pension, in-home care, payments or grants for assisted living, a retirement home, as well as health care and burial. Eligibility requirements vary, and it is not uncommon for a veteran to qualify for some benefits and not others. Some benefits are available to all honorably discharged veterans while others are limited to veterans with service-connected disabilities or those who saw wartime service. In some instances, limitations are based on assets and income.

Helping file successful claims.

Hook Law Center can develop a comprehensive plan that considers the effect of all public resources.

Without proper planning and guidance, filing a successful claim can be a time consuming and complicated process that may be frustrating for many veterans. Applications that involve the transfer of assets in order to qualify should never be attempted without the help of a qualified professional.

Hook Law Center can develop a plan that considers Veteran’s Benefits and Medicaid, as well as the tax consequences of asset and benefits planning.

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